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For our VIP's, who are used to high quality, there is probably
hardly anything more important than

Very Important Privacy


In a place that guarantees intimacy and privacy, with confidential and discreet staff. High quality can mean finally living barefoot in a simple beach banda without being recognized and letting all your senses drift in time.
Time for the essentials through simplicity, to feel again how little you actually need, time to reorient yourself and to find yourself again. Refreshing contacts with the locals around the evening campfire do you good.  

It can also mean retiring at a high level, in perfect surroundings with magnificent nature, the best service and every comfort such as private pools per room and internationally trained staff. You don't have to worry about anything except your well-being!   We have personally selected locations on Zanzibar for you, unique places that will leave you speechless. Wedding in Zanzibar, an unforgettable experience. Your private party on the catamaran, beach party at sunset on a sandbank, we organize your special event with our competent team!

Whether you're traveling alone or as a couple, with family or friends, as a club or yoga group, or for a private work meeting with your creative team, let us know what's important to you and what you enjoy power. We look for the right holiday residence for you and present it to you.  

Just tell us your needs with confidence, you are in good hands with us!

VIP residence 1


VIP residence 2


If you would like to book right away and, above all, find out more, just send us a message

Asante sana! Thanks very much!

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