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We offer various tours that you can do on site or in advance
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Spice Tour and Stonetown Tour
Dolphin tour
Sunset Sailing Tour

Our tours and safaris

Spice Tour and Stonetown Tour


Day and evening tour, departure 9:00 a.m. to approx. 9:30 p.m


Drive across the island to the spice gardens of Zanzibar.
With a personal guide you will experience the wealth of Zanzibar with all your senses: vanilla plants, nutmeg trees, harvest cinnamon bark from the cinnamon tree and take it home with you! See the star fruit tree, pepper plants and clove trees, fields of lemongrass, jackfruit and plantains, mangoes and all kinds of tropical fruits.

The locals let you taste, taste, feel and smell, do you know the lipstick tree? On the way there are fresh coconuts and all kinds of fruit to try. With love, dedication and a lot of expertise, the plants are cared for and processed by the locals. You are allowed to walk through a small settlement and see how the Zanzibaris live in the middle of the bush. Your creativity knows no bounds. Let yourself be surprised, Zanzibar without a spice tour: it doesn't work at all!

During the tour you will be accompanied by children and creative young people, your guide and others will provide fun, food and entertainment. Please consider tipping, which benefits the community.

Our recommendation:$10 or Euros per guest


After the tour, after a stroll through the market, head to the Swahili House Hotel for lunch high above the rooftops of the old town. Stonetown is the famous historic old town of Zanzibar Town, it is under the protection of Unesco as a World Heritage Site.

Stonetown has a fascinating history, after the Portuguese settlement, the Sultan of Oman settled on Zanzibar and ruled his empire in Oman from there. Later, Indians settled on the island and so today, alongside Portuguese fortresses, there are also monumental Arabic buildings with typical Asian tea houses above the roofs of the old town. Stonetown impresses with a labyrinth of alleys, unique architecture and a colorful market atmosphere. A colorful coexistence characterizes the cityscape, next to churches there are mosques and Hindu temples, and the population is just as mixed.

Artists and individualists from Europe and the USA have settled here and characterize the historic city center with their galleries, hotels and small shops as well as the dealers and alternative projects, such as those of the Womens Union, which produce pillows in elaborate handwork based on old Arabic motifs . Zanzibar Coffee House, House of Wonders, Arabic Baths and much more will amaze you. Your personal guide will take you through the city.

After lunch and a break at the rooftop Swahili House Hotel, your guide will pick you up. You'll start the tour around the corner at the Zanzibar Coffee House for a chance at the best coffee on the island!

After an extensive tour of the historic center, your guide will take you to the Sunset Hotel Maru Maru around 6pm, where you can enjoy your cocktail with a view of the harbor and the sunset and have dinner. Your guide will then take you back to the vehicle via the night market at the port, which is well worth seeing, and you will drive back to Michamvi. Departure around 8pm


Tour is carried out from 2 people: 80 € pp

Impressions of the tour can be found here in the gallery

Chill out tours


There are a number of places in the area around Michamvi that are ideal for "power chilling" and we are happy to organize tours to them. Departure: Laguna Palace Zanzibar in Michamvi. Tours are announced or can be booked individually,

Kizim Kazi

Kizim Kazi is located in the southwest of Zanzibar and impresses with its lush gardens, red mud houses and wonderful sunsets. The fishing port, from which dolphin tours depart, is worth a small stop-over. The road to Kizim Kazi passes through Paje, Jambiani and Makunduchi, a fertile little inland town. Various stop overs. At Kizim Kazi we will visit a tranquil tropical resort with a seafront pool on the cliffs, have lunch there, swim and snorkel, relax, read. We stay until sunset for happy hour and sundowner. If the weather is clear we will see the lights of Dar es Salaam on the mainland.

Day tour: 10h to approx. 20h

Tour is carried out from 4 people, price pP   35€



The spacious and very interesting place is located directly on the Indian Ocean, the beach of Jambiani is known for swimming, surfing, sunbathing, coming together for sport activities. A stop-over at the sandbank and the drive through the large village with old and new buildings allow an insight into village life. The inhabitants are remarkably open and interested in meeting visitors, sometimes we are lucky and they show us their houses and gardens. At the end of the trip, we visit an impressive facility on the cliffs of Jambiani with breathtaking far-reaching views of the reef and tables just above the water. Chill-out over the ocean, restaurant and bar take care of our well-being.

Half-day tour, 2:00 p.m. to approx. 7:00 p.m

Tour is carried out from 4 people, price pp 20 €

Blue Safari Snorkeling Tour
Dolphin tour

Half Day Tour

Boat tour with local "Dao", followed by a visit to "The Rock", the world-famous restaurant on a small cliff, some of which can only be reached by boat. "Just for a drink" or opposite to "Upendo" for lunch.


Departure according to the tides

  • Boat trip to the corals, snorkeling

  • Drive into the shallow water to see the unique starfish of Zanzibar

  • Swimming goggles, snorkel and flippers are provided

  • Note: Take t-shirts with you for swimming because of the risk of sunburn


Tour is carried out from 2 people: Price 50 € pp

Half Day Tour

Departure: 5.30am or depending on the tide to Kizim Kazi Harbour.

From here you take motor boats over the reef that surrounds Zanzibar's south and out into the deep sea. As a rule, several small groups set off at the same time. The local fishermen know their ocean and know exactly where to find the dolphins. Dolphin families are accompanied by the boats, depending on the situation it is possible to get off the boat to swim with the wild dolphins, which often come very close to you.

An unforgettable experience!

Price per person 120€ VIP single

the tour is cheaper from 2 people 95 € pp

From 5 people €85 pp


After the boat tour, head to Paje to see Mr. Kahawa for breakfast or brunch!

Air safaris from Zanzibar to


Selous– 2 days, 1 night

day 1

Depart Zanzibar Airport 8.00am, arrive Selous 9.15am

You go on safari by jeep, lunch at wildlife lodge, afternoon boat safari, overnight in safari tent at Lake Manze.  and overnight at Mdonya Old River Camp.

day 2

Early morning safari drive, continue by fly-in safari via Selous to Zanzibar at 9.30am, arrival at Zanzibar Airport at 11.20am


Price per person in a double room/tent: $650

Single surcharge $50

Child: $500

additional adult $550

Extra half day returning in the afternoon: $50 pp

Additional night pp: $350


Ruaha– 3 days, 2 nights

day 1

Depart Zanzibar Airport 8:00 am, arrive Ruaha 11:00 am

Go on safari by jeep and stay overnight at Mdonya Old River camp.


day 2

Full day safari, relaxing in camp with snack and drinks in the bush


day 3

Stay at the camp, departure Ruaha 11-45h, arrival Zanzibar 14.20h


Price in a double room $900 per person

Single surcharge $50

Child: $600

additional adult $785

Extra night pp: $250

Serengeti- 3 days, 2 nights

day 1

Depart Zanzibar Airport 8.00am, arrive Serengeti 10.30am

You go on safari by jeep and check in at Asilia Camp. Spend the afternoon as you wish: safari drive until the evening or relaxing in the camp

day 2

Full day safari, enjoy the day in the most famous national park in the world! Then back to Asilia Camp.

day 3

Stay at the camp, departure Serengeti at 10.30h 11-45h, arrival Zanzibar 14.20h


Price in a double room $1,350 per person

Single surcharge $150

Child: $950

Extra night PP: 400$


Ngorongoro- 3 days, 2 nights

day 1

Depart Zanzibar Airport 9.30am, arrive Arusha 11.15am.

Go on safari to Lake Manyara by jeep and have a picnic lunch. Continue to Ngorongoro Crater and check in at Rhino Lodge


day 2

Full day safari in Ngorongoro Crater with visit to Maasai village, enjoy the day in the world famous national park! Then back to the Rhino Lodge.


day 3

Stay in the camp, transfer to Arusha Airport, departure at 12.45  arrival Zanzibar 14.20h


Price in a double room $1,275 per person

Single surcharge $700

Child: $900

Additional adult person: $1050


day 3

We start at 7.30 a.m. directionNgorongoro National Park,

my personal absolute highlight. Ngorongoro Crater was formed 2 to 3 million years ago when a volcano exploded and later collapsed. The crater has an abundance of wildlife and it is possible to observe them in peace, Maasai grazing their cows right next to lions and hippos. We enjoy our lunch boxes in the jeep while watching 4 lionesses preparing for the hunt. We also see herds of gnu, dancing ostriches, pumbas, hippos and much more

Ultimately we observe the Big Five on this day - simply incredible and a "once in a lifetime experience".

We eat and sleep in theOctagon Lodge 

day 4

We fly back to Zanzibar at 2 p.m., slightly tired from all that we have experienced, where we were able to spot whales in the sea during the flight. The driver from the Laguna Palace welcomed us at the airport, so that we lay completely relaxed in the pool at sunset.

Simply fantastic!!! Thanks to Manuelea, who took over the organization and composition of the safari for us!

In total we paid 4,632 euros for this safari


The Hüller family's air safari


arusha  - 4 days, 3 nights

day 1

Depart Zanzibar Airport 8.00am, arrive Arusha 9.30am

We go on safari with the jeep and our guide Donald and see the first giraffes and zebras at 10.30 amTarangire National Park. Because we are standing in the jeep, whose roof has been raised, we can see the overwhelming variety of animals. Lunch is a picnic made from lunch boxes that Donald has brought with him. We have to be very careful of the thieving monkeys. We were fascinated by the gigantic baobab trees and also by a leopard that lay down in the tree. We see lionesses, families of elephants, zebras, antelopes, cheetahs, giraffes, pumbas and many more.

Overnight is in theMarera Valley Lodge

day 2

At 7.30 am we start towards Lake Manyara, which offers incredible colors and a pink horizon. This turns out to be a ridiculous number of flamingos. We see many storks and visit the hot spring where you could quickly boil eggs. Donald has an answer for every question, which is really cool because you really don't need a cell phone here - just a camera.

Overnight is again in theMarera Valley Lodge

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